CE Testing & Certification


Within the European Union, regulations mandate that personal protective products be CE-certified before they can legally be placed on the market. ICS Laboratories is a complete resource for any manufacturer seeking to attain CE certification in order to sell their protective equipment in the United Kingdom or Europe. ICS’ facilities and personnel enable it to offer the most competitive prices and lead times for the requisite EN and ISO tests that must support CE certification for PPE. Beyond the utmost quality test work and the associated endorsed reports, ICS Labs truly makes CE-certification a turn-key service for our clients, coordinating documentation and facilitating assembly and review of the final technical file.

ICS Laboratories is accredited to perform conformity assessments on a wide range of Category 2 and Category 3 PPE according to EN and ISO product standards and test methods. ICS has cultivated a working relationship with CCQS UK, a premier certification organization. CCQS is a registered European Notified Body and is positioned to efficiently process CE certifications for products that are tested by ICS Labs. They maintain contacts throughout the world, and operate an office in the Republic of Ireland, enabling hassle-free processing CE-mark processing with regard to the Brexit narrative.

Working together, ICS Laboratories and CCQS offer an integrated resource for personal protective equipment manufacturers working to comply with EU PPE Regulation 2016/425. Both organizations are accredited and internationally recognized as experts at their respective functions: conformity assessment and product certification. ICS not only has expertise in protective equipment testing, but through decades of experience, has also attained familiarity with certification programmes and schemes over the world. Our alliances with highly competent organizations means that our CE-certification customers receive valuable information and attentive support through the certification process.

Clients interested in pursuing CE certification through an organization other than CCQS can do so with full confidence that their accredited test reports from ICS Laboratories will be recognized by any notified body in the world. Whatever your certification needs with respect to the European market, ICS’s expertise and hands-on service is an asset to your business.