ICS Laboratories is an authorized independent testing lab for several product certification programs that are administered by the Safety Equipment Institute (SEI). SEI is the preeminent certification organization for personal protective equipment in North America. Our organization is accredited to the rigorous ISO/IEC 17065 standard, which in turn requires us to accept data only from conformity assessment bodies that have an objectively evidenced commitment to quality and test validity. ICS Labs facilitates testing for clients participating in SEI programs for the following areas:

  • Eye and Face Protective Equipment:
    • ANSI Z87.1
    • CSA Z94.3
  • Industrial Head Protection:
    • ANSI Z89.1 (2009 and 2014)
    • CSA Z94.1 (2005 and 2015)
  • NOCSAE Athletic Protective Equipment:
    • Baseball and Softball Batter’s Helmets (ND022)
    • Baseball and Softball Catcher’s Helmets with Faceguards (ND024)
    • Baseball and Softball Helmet Mounted Face Protectors (ND072)
    • Commotio Cordis (ND200)
    • Football Faceguards/Facemasks (ND087)
    • Football Helmets (ND002 ND081)
    • Football Gloves (ND019)
    • Lacrosse Balls (ND049)
    • Lacrosse Helmets and Faceguards (ND041)
    • Soccer Shin Guards (ND090)
  • Other Recreational & Athletic Protection Programs:
    • ASTM F2713 Field Hockey Eye Protection
    • ASTM F1776 Paintball Eye and Face Protection
    • ASTM F2040 Ski Helmets
    • ASTM F3077 Women’s Lacrosse Eye Protection
    • ASTM F3137 Women’s Lacrosse Head Protection