Other Testing & Custom Testing

ICS Laboratories offers testing services beyond the larger categories of personal protective equipment (PPE) that we assess on a frequent basis. Our wide range of technical capabilities, specialized equipment and decades of experience allows ICS to provide testing services for PPE components and accessories, as well as for products that do not function as personal protective equipment; however, have properties that need to be similarly evaluated. Our knowledge and expertise means that the test reports you receive from ICS Laboratories are the embodiment of validity and reliability. Our commitment to excellent service and clear client communication means that testing your products with our independent accredited laboratory may yield crucial insights.

Hearing Protection

ICS Laboratories is positioned to execute many of our client’s needs with regards to the assessment of hearing protection articles. Some of the standards that our clients frequently seek testing through ICS:

  • ANSI S3.19 Real-Ear Protection of Hearing Protectors & Physical Attenuation of Ear Muffs
  • ANSI S12.6 Real-Ear Attenuation of Hearing Protectors
  • EN 352, Part 1 – Ear Muffs
  • EN 352, Part 2 – Ear Plugs
  • EN 352, Part 3 – Ear Muffs Attached to Industrial Safety Helmets
  • EN 352, Part 4 – Level Dependent Ear Muffs

Custom Testing

The conformity assessment of products, especially those designed to protect against safety hazards, serves to benefit quality assurance programs, quality control procedures and generally improves risk management. ICS is responsive to the needs of its clients and takes pride in the ability to coordinate custom test plans for the purposes of research and design, or in the many cases where a published standard does not adequately address a given product. Our position as leaders in the industry and our cooperative relationships with other testing experts allow us to send you in the right direction if we are not able to offer complete solutions to your testing needs for protective equipment.