About Us

ICS Laboratories is an accredited third-party testing laboratory that specializes in the conformity assessment of personal protective equipment (PPE). For over 20 years, ICS has tested a wide array of protective equipment, spanning many different client needs, end-user applications, professional fields and industries. While based in the US and the long-time leading PPE test laboratory in North America, ICS has built an international reputation of excellence: servicing the needs of our clients in a variety of regulatory environments and standards-realities worldwide. Our personnel are experts in the field of testing personal protective equipment. ICS Labs maintains a focused dedication to excellence and consistently delivers a level of technical performance and client service that is unrivaled.

ICS Laboratories, Inc. provides experienced testing of personal protective equipment for eye and face protective equipment, head protection, athletic equipment, respiratory protection, chemical and biological protective clothing and hand protection. Although specialized, the range of PPE products we assess necessitates mastery of a broad range of testing disciplines. ICS’ expertise includes thin film surface characterizations, environmental conditioning (solar, temperature & humidity), evaluation of stress and strain compression, mechanical tests (impact & abrasion), advanced spectroscopy (UV, VIS & IR), geometric optics, gas sorbent filter evaluation, barrier material permeation, pressure dynamics and particle filtration performance assessments.

In addition to office and warehouse space, the technical facilities at ICS encompass over 10,000 square feet of operative laboratory area, each designated to specific disciplines: analytical chemistry, respiratory device evaluations, optical assessments, environmental simulation, and numerous flammability and mechanical test setups. Each lab sector is led by a technical manager with years (and more often than not, decades) of experience in their respective testing disciplines. Our staff is knowledgeable and experienced, and ICS Laboratories is duly recognized as a leader in the industry.

In addition to standards-based conformity assessments, we provide ongoing independent QA and QC testing of PPE products to national and international procurement requirements. ICS also offers customized contract testing according to customer specifications. Our accreditation status coupled with longstanding affiliations with certification bodies in international markets enables ICS Laboratories to facilitate turn-key product certifications and global market-entry solutions. Our clients operate in a dynamic global marketplace, and whether large or small, are faced with a host of variables in their business. While the protective equipment industry and safety in general are defined by uncertainty, our customers can be assured of the validity of their test results from ICS and the quality of service we provide in support of our test work. Your technical testing needs and market-entry goals are our ultimate specialization. Any Market… One Source.