Head Protection

ICS Laboratories operates a state-of-the-art head protection laboratory sector that tests helmets and other protective headgear for numerous applications and industries. Our specialized equipment evaluates the performance of protective headwear for impact energy attenuation, field of view, penetration/puncture resistance, resistance to electric current, high visibility paints and coatings, retention and roll-off/stability, resistance to flammability and ignition, and many other chemical, mechanical and environmental tests.


Industrial Head Protection / Hardhats:

ICS Laboratories tests protective headgear for occupational use to multiple national and international performance requirements and test methods. ICS is an approved laboratory for Safety Equipment Institute’s program for certification of industrial head protection. We serve as a recognized testing laboratory for several well-established certification programs for hardhats and related devices, like SEI’s and UL’s. Our accredited test reports are accepted by many other organizations that certify this type of PPE, including CE-certification. Accredited testing is available to the following standards:

  • ANSI Z89.1 American National Standard for Industrial Head Protection
  • CSA Z94.1 Industrial Protective Headwear (Canada)
  • EN 397 Industrial Safety Helmets (Europe)
  • AS/NZS 1801 Occupational Protective Helmets (Australia & New Zealand)
  • AS/NZS 2512 Methods of Testing Protective Helmets (Australia & New Zealand)
  • ASTM F1446 Standard Test Methods for Equipment and Procedures Used in Evaluating the Performance Characteristics of Protective Headgear

Athletic Head Protection / Team Sports:

As the spotlight on the issue of sports-related brain injury continues to grow, ICS Laboratories offers independent accredited testing of the equipment that athletes trust to keep their heads as safe as possible. ICS Labs tests to the most recognized standards for team sports equipment and its components, like faceguards and hardware. Our equipment measures crucial performance parameters of protective headgear, like the reduction of forces that induce linear and rotational acceleration of the brain within the skull. ICS’ test results support several certification programmes for athletic helmets, including the SEI-NOCSAE program. Fully endorsed test reports are available for all of the following standards:

  • ASTM F429 Test Method for Shock-Attenuation Characteristics Football Helmets
  • ASTM F717 Standard Specification for Football Helmets
  • ASTM F910 Standard Specification for Face Guards for Youth Baseball
  • ASTM F1045 Standard Performance Specification for Ice Hockey Helmets
  • ASTM F3137 Standard Specification for Headgear used in Women’s Lacrosse
  • ISO 10256 Head and Face Protection for Use In Ice Hockey
  • NOCSAE ND002 – Football Helmets
  • NOCSAE ND006 – Youth Football Helmets
  • NOCSAE ND022 – Baseball & Softball Helmets
  • NOCSAE ND024 – Baseball & Softball Catcher’s Helmets with Faceguards
  • NOCSAE ND029 – Baseball & Softball Fielder’s Headgear
  • NOCSAE ND030 – Hockey Helmets
  • NOCSAE ND041 – Lacrosse Helmets with Faceguards
  • NOCSAE ND045 – Lacrosse Face Protectors
  • NOCSAE ND050 / ND 055 – Polo Helmets / Helmet-Mounted Polo Eye Protection
  • NOCSAE ND072 – Baseball & Softball Batter’s Helmet-Mounted Faceguards
  • NOCSAE ND087 – Football Faceguards

Outdoor Recreation & Extreme Sports:

ICS tests athletic protective helmets to a variety of standards applicable to PPE markets in Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific. From helmets for conventional outdoor sports to extreme and adventure sports, ICS Laboratories offers the helmet testing solutions you require. Accredited testing is available to the following standards:

  • ASTM F1163 Protective Headgear Used in Horse Sports and Horseback Riding
  • ASTM F2040 Helmets Used for Recreational Snow Sports
  • EN 1077 Helmets for Alpine Skiers and Snowboarders
  • EN 1384 Helmets for Equestrian Activities
  • ASTM F1492 Helmets Used in Skateboarding and Trick Roller Skating
  • ASTM F1952 Helmets Used in Downhill Mountain Bike Racing
  • ASTM F1849 Helmets Used in Short Track Speed Ice Skating
  • EN 966 Helmets for Airborne Sports
  • EN 1078 Helmets for Users of Skateboards and Roller Skates
  • EN 1385 Helmets for Canoeing and White Water Sports

Tactical Head Protection:

ICS Laboratories applies its helmet-testing capabilities to the conformity assessment of select defense-related PPE. Illustrative of these capacities is our accreditation to test products according to NIJ 0104.02, the standard test method and specification for riot helmets and face shields issued by the National Institute of Justice.

Bicycle Helmets and Commuter Head Protection:

ICS Laboratories offers testing to various standard test methods and specifications for helmets used by cyclists and associated peripheral standards (segways) for markets and regulatory realities worldwide. ICS is accredited to test to the authoritative bike helmet standards for the European and Australian/New Zealand Markets. Beyond that, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission has approved ICS Laboratories as an independent test laboratory for assessing helmets to the mandatory standard for the American market, codified at 16 CFR Part 1203. Fully endorsed test reports are available for the following standards for bicycle helmets and associated equipment:

  • ASTM F1447 Helmets Used in Recreational Bicycling or Roller Skating
  • ASTM F2416 Headgear Used in Electronic Personal Assistive Mobility Devices (Segways)
  • 16 CFR Part 1203 CPSC Safety Standard for Bicycle Helmets
  • EN 1078 Helmets for Pedal Cyclists
  • EN 1080 Helmets for Young Children
  • AS/NZS 2063 Bicycle Helmets