Eye & Face Protection

ICS Laboratories is one of the leading testing laboratories in the world for equipment that is used to keep the eyes and face safe. ICS has decades of experience testing eyewear and face protectors against standards for every major global market. Our testing extends to PPE that is used in occupational settings, as well as eye protection for athletes and other recreational applications, specialty eye and face protectors used by the United States Armed Forces and casual lifestyle use by general consumers. ICS Laboratories has the equipment, personnel and accreditations to conduct full optical and mechanical assessments on eye and face protection articles for a myriad of uses according to the requirements and specifications of any market.

Occupational Eye & Face Protection

ICS Laboratories tests eye protection devices to every commercially relevant international and national standard. Whether intended for a medical, educational or industrial setting, most regulatory environments require that eye-specific personal protective equipment (PPE) conform to a relevant standard of performance. ICS maintains accreditations to assess conformity with these requirements per accepted test methods. Some of the most ubiquitous occupational eyewear tests that we excel at performing include:

  • ANSI/ISEA Z87.1 Occupational & Educational Eye & Face Protection Devices
  • ANSI Z136.7 Laser Protective Eyewear
  • AS/NZS 1337.1 Eye & Face Protectors for Occupational Applications
  • CSA Z94.3 Industrial Eye & Face Protectors
  • EN 166/EN 167/EN 168 Personal Eye Protection – Specifications & Test Methods
  • NFPA 1977 Protective Goggles for Wildland Fire Fighting

Beyond the above standards, to which a vast majority of eye protection is tested to, ICS performs tests for occupation-specific eye and face protective devices. For example, ICS Laboratories is accredited to test to standards developed for PPE used in applications with abnormal (and frequently hazardous) lighting conditions and radiation sources: welding, UV radiation, infrared radiation and laser radiation. View the Ophthalmic, Eye and Face Protective Equipment section of our full scope of accreditation for a full listing of our capabilities.

Athletic & Recreational Eye Protection

ICS Laboratories’ Eye and Face Protection lab sector is accredited to test PPE to standards that span multiple continents and cover a vast array of specific functions. Racket sports, snow sports, extreme sports and traditional team sports often require the use of eye protection and/or face protection. In addition, ICS tests to numerous standards that address the equipment used with motorbikes and motorcycles, for both extreme, recreational and commuter uses. Our conformity assessment capabilities extend a wide range of athletic and recreational protective eyewear, with several examples provided below:

  • ASTM F659 / EN 174 Goggles for Skiing & Snowboarding
  • ASTM F803 Eye Protectors for Selected Sports
  • ASTM F1776 / F2879 Eye Protection for Paintball & Airsoft (respectively)
  • ASTM F2713 Field Hockey & ASTM F3077 Women’s Lacrosse
  • CSA Z262.2 Ice Hockey Face Protectors
  • EN 1938 Goggles for Motorcycle & Moped Users
  • VESC-8 Minimum Requirements for Motorcyclists’ Eye Protection

Please view our full scope of accreditation for a complete listing.


ICS Laboratories tests personal protective equipment designed to preserve the health of the eyes and face to several advanced test methods developed and used by peacekeeping forces and national defense forces. ICS is proud to be one of the independent test laboratories that contributes to the United States Armed Forces’ “Soldier Protective Equipment Process,” a program to guarantee that the US Army is using protective equipment that will meet requirements that are established by evaluating the innumerable hazards to personal safety that our servicemen and women face. Specifically, ICS is one of two approved third-party laboratories that tests eyewear to military combat eye protection specifications (MCEPS), working closely with the military and its PPE suppliers. Additionally, ICS Laboratories is accredited to test eye protection to several STANAG standards used by NATO forces. It is an honor and privilege to lend our expertise to the processes that preserve the vision of those who risk so much to keep others safe.

Lifestyle Optics

ICS Laboratories tests the eyewear worn by millions of people around the world for everyday tasks and activities. We are accredited to test sunglasses and consumer eyewear to the most viable national and international standards:

  • ANSI Z80.3 Non-Prescription Sunglasses & Fashion Eyewear (North America)
  • AS/NZS 1067 Sunglasses & Fashion Spectacles (Australia, New Zealand & Asia)
  • EN / ISO 12311 & EN/ISO 12312-1 Sunglasses & Related Eyewear (Europe & Intl)

ICS Laboratories has tested eyewear to a variety of prominent standards for ophthalmic devices. Click here for a detailed look into the testing we offer in that area.