Product Certification

ICS Laboratories, Inc. is committed to providing efficient and effective certification services for personal protective equipment (PPE) manufacturers and developers. We frequently work with our clients throughout the entire product design, development and release cycle, offering insights into the best certification schemes, managing timelines and ensuring timely finalization of certification projects.

In many instances, product certification is mandatory for legal market entry and presence. In many more, certification is a crucial undertaking for the long-term viability of a protective product. Certification has proven critical for regional and global product marketing efforts given the various regulatory environments that PPE is bought, sold and used in. It also offers a unique added layer of due diligence-type defense against tort claims.

ICS Laboratories maintains several key alliances and recognition agreements with certifying bodies and government agencies. ICS’s broad scope of accreditation allows us to provide endorsed test reports that are readily recognized by certification organizations and offices around the world. Our regulatory knowledge and position as an internationally respected conformity assessment body renders ICS Labs a unique “one source” for CE certification, select CPSC and FDA certifications, NOCSAE certification, NIOSH pre-certification testing and consultation, and a variety of other recognized certification programs through partnerships with industry leaders like CCQS and UL.

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs and goals with respect to product certification.

Why Certification?

Product certification resolves four critical concerns for PPE manufacturers:

  • How to ensure products provide the needed degree of performance and comply with the relevant applicable standards.
  • How to ensure that products meet the legal and/or regulatory criteria to be marketed in a given country or economic region.
  • How to ensure that products are associated with the level of performance and/or approval that targeted users/consumers expect or demand.
  • How to maintain records that a PPE product and the processes and systems that support it meet applicable requirements and how to simply and clearly convey that reality.