Testing & Assessment

ICS Laboratories, Inc is the leading independent laboratory in North America for the conformity assessment of personal protective equipment (PPE). Our specialized facilities and experienced personnel carry out testing to national and international standard test methods and performance specifications for equipment and devices that protect against a myriad of hazards. Over the breadth of three laboratory sectors (Eye and Face Protection, Head/Hand Protection and Athletic Equipment, and Respiratory Protection and Chemical Protective Clothing) ICS Labs conducts PPE testing in a variety of disciplines, such as chemical analysis, environmental conditioning, various mechanical evaluations, and advanced optical assessments.

Our knowledge in the area of testing personal protective equipment extends globally. ICS retains both the capability and the accreditations to perform testing to the relevant national and international standards in every major market for PPE (many of which are guided, informed and developed by the contributions of our technical staff), while remaining flexible and responsive. Because our organization operates solely in the niche of testing personal protective products, we are expertly equipped to offer custom test plans and configurations, the fastest job processing times in the industry and unsurpassed quality of service. Our focused expertise in PPE testing coupled with key alliances and recognition agreements with certification bodies enables ICS Laboratories to provide turn-key conformity assessment plans and global market entry solutions for our clients.

In the North American market, we facilitate ANSI, ASTM, CSA, MIL, NFHS, NFPA NIOSH, NOCSAE, and NOM conformity assessments. We are accredited to perform testing to the most commercially viable and/or compulsory product standards for the US and Canadian safety industry. Further, ICS’ well-established fluidity at performing ubiquitous PPE assessments for industrial, athletic and lifestyle protective equipment places our facility in an ideal position to adapt to the needs of clients requiring testing to national standards from South America.

ICS offers wide-ranging testing options for clients in the Asia-Pacific market. Our longstanding accreditations and capabilities to perform tests to AS/NZS standards and various PPE-specific Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) that hold traction in that market and the various sub-regions within it.

ICS Laboratories was one of the first (and remains one of the very few) independent testing labs outside of Europe that is accredited to assess products to EN standards for the purpose of CE-certification. Through our partner notified body, SAI Global, ICS is able to provide start-to-finish CE certification for products intended for the European market.

The range of the testing technologies that ICS employs is extensive and our scope of accreditation is broad. However, every single test project that we perform for any client rests on the same foundation: Our service (at all stages) is responsive. Our reports and the data they contain are recognized and respected globally.