StandardsMark (AS/NZS)

Australia & New Zealand – “StandardsMark” Certification

ICS Laboratories is pleased to offer turn-key solutions for clients seeking to have their Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) products certified for use and sale in Australia and New Zealand. ICS maintains a close working partnership with SAI Global, the leading certification body in Australia and one of the most competitive on the international level. Through this relationship, ICS consults with its clients to arrange the logistics of the certification process according to their needs, performing conformity assessments at our specialized North American facility and coordinating the finalization of certification through SAI.

Laws require that some PPE articles, like bicycle helmets and respiratory protective equipment, receive ISO ‘type 5’ certification before such products may have a presence in the Australian and New Zealand market. For others, like protective eyewear and industrial headgear, certification is optional; however, has frequently been sought out by manufacturers to lend their PPE a competitive advantage for marketing purposes. Further, certification helps insulate PPE manufacturers against product liability claims and thus functions as a type of enhanced due diligence.