DIN-Tested & DINplus


ICS Laboratories is the North American conformity assessment body appointed by DIN-CERTCO to support the DIN-Tested and DINplus certification mark programs for personal protective equipment. Both DIN programs offer protective equipment manufacturers the ability to use a recognized certification mark that conveys to users an elevated level of compliance, conformity and overall quality.

DIN-Tested (DIN-Geprüft)

The DIN-Tested certification program is a recognized and neutral voluntary quality mark that participating manufacturers can use on their products, their packaging and accompanying instructions or literature that commands increased confidence, as it represents that a product has been tested and its conformity to the applicable performance standard is monitored. The DIN-Tested/DIN-Geprüft quality mark programme entails audits of in-factory production controls by DIN-approved auditors. In short, the DIN-tested mark represents that a product has been tested by an independent laboratory to meet the relevant standard(s) and that an independent conformity assessment body attests that the product conforms to all requirements. ICS Laboratories recommends the DIN-Tested mark for the following “category 1” products on our scope:

  • Sunglasses (ISO 12312-1 Eye and Face Protection – Sunglasses and Related Eyewear)
  • Ski & Snowboard Goggles (EN 174 Personal Eye Protection – Ski Goggles for Downhill Skiing)



The DINplus mark is a superior quality mark. Like the DIN-Test mark and its associated programme, products are tested and their production and systems origins are monitored. However, products seeking the DINplus mark are also subject to enhanced requirements, which may include any, or many, of the following: increased performance parameters (beyond those imposed by the relevant EN or ISO standard), additional quality managements system and environmental management system requirements, and annual audits of production facilities and quality control practices. The DINplus mark represents the pinnacle of product quality. ICS Laboratories recommends seeking this thorough quality mark for the following “category II” products, which are used in environments of elevated risk of serious injury to the user:

  • Occupational Eye Protection
    • EN 166 Personal Eye Protection
    • EN 172 Sunglare Filters for Industrial Use
  • Welding-Specific Eye Protective Devices
    • EN 175 Equipment for Eye and Face Protection During Welding
    • EN 379 “Specification for Welding Filters”
  • Laser Protective Equipment
    • EN 207 Filters and Eye-Protectors Against Laser Radiation
    • EN 208 Eye Protectors for Adjustment Work on Lasers and Laser Systems
    • ISO 12609-1 Eyewear for Protection Against Intense Light Sources Used on Humans and Animals for Cosmetic and Medical Applications
  • Goggles for Motorcycle & Moped Users
    • EN 1938

The attainment and maintenance of the DINplus mark represents not only a rigorously assessed product, but also one that is backed by a thoroughly vetted production process, a consistently monitored quality system and an organization whose overall excellence permits it to satisfy the requirements of a robust certification scheme. ICS is happy to explain these programs in greater detail to any interested clients.