ICS Expands Turnkey CE Certification Options with CCQS Partnership

ICS Laboratories is pleased to announce a working partnership with CCQS, a UK-based Notified Body with offices in the UK, Ireland and China. CCQS is positioned to efficiently process CE Certifications for Category II and Category III PPE products that are tested by ICS. With CCQS’s offices in the Republic of Ireland, ICS clients have access to a stable and accountable certification source for their PPE products regardless of UK Brexit consequences.

Working together, ICS and CCQS will offer a convenient integrated resource for personal protective equipment manufacturers aiming to comply with the EU PPE Regulation 2016/425. Both organizations maintain accreditation to relevant competence standards and are internationally recognized for their respective functions: conformity assessment and product certification. ICS Laboratories’ expertise and leading client service for testing protective equipment to worldwide consensus standards is well known. Beyond that, ICS personnel have attained fluency with certification schemes over the world through decades of experience. This translates to valuable insight for testing clients whose ultimate goal is a certified product. Our alliances with highly competent organizations such as CCQS means that our CE-Certification customers will continue to receive efficient turn-key services and attentive support.

ICS will continue to maintain its cooperative relationships with SAI Global and UL, which will now give our client base a choice between three EU Notified Bodies. As always, customers interested in pursuing CE Certification through an organization other than our partner Notified Bodies can do so with full confidence that their ISO/IEC 17025 accredited test reports will be recognized by any notified body in the world. Whatever your certification needs with respect to the European market, ICS Laboratories’ knowledge and hands-on service is an asset to your business.